Molenplein Mierlo

The Molenplein in Mierlo is the square at the Standerdmolen. The Molenplein is located in the town centre and is also the location of the weekly market. At the Molenplein you will find Café De Koffer, where you can eat and drink something. Behind the mill, which you can look out on from the terrace, is the petting zoo. A larger than life-size Woes, the ferocious weaver from the children's book "The Secret of the Lost Cotton Path", shows you the way from the Molenplein to the Cotton Path and, eventually, the secret. In short: Molenplein is a square where there is plenty to do.

Visit the mill

A standerdmolen is a mill that rests, so to speak, on a mount. When the wind comes from a certain direction, the entire mill can be turned to fully catch the wind.

You can see this for yourself in Mierlo’s centre. There stands Standerdmolen Mierlo, a true eye-catcher. But the mill hasn’t always been here. Until 1857, the mill stood on the Molenheide close to the Cotton Path.

Visit the Standerdmolen

Discover the Secret of the Cotton Path

The Cotton Path lay somewhere between Mierlo and Geldrop. The path disappeared because not a single home weaver dared to walk it anymore. It was said to be haunted… Do you dare walk it? Buy the book, download the exciting Cotton Path app, discover more about the secret and walk the newly constructed path yourself. 

Do you dare?