Firma A. Pessers Azn.

Firma A. Pessers Azn. Established itself in Geldrop from Tilburg in 1913. His first company, on Nieuwendijk, was a wool fabric factory. Since 1916, Pessers also had a worsted spinning mill in the former Raue en Bodde factory in Helze.

The company suffered a lot from the malaise in the 1920s. The name A. Pessers en Zonen was changed in 1924 to N.V. Wollenstoffenfabriek, which was largely in German hands. The authorized capital of N.V. Wollenstoffenfabriek was NLG 1,000,000 divided into 1,000 shares of NLG 1,000. The company's directors were W.R.C. Pessers in Geldrop and J. Spiertz in Munich-Gladbach.


A. Pessers Azn. was a Tilburg wool fabric factory. In 1913 this company also established itself in Geldrop on the Nieuwendijk. A worsted spinning mill was also established in 1916. In the peak year of 1916, 122 people were employed. After that, this number declined, but the company survived until 1969 (Image: RHCe).

Spanish workers at the Pessers textile factory

Firma Pessers could not find enough workers in its own surroundings. That is why she brought in workers from the 'distant' Spain. Read the story about the Spanish immigrant workers from Spain here. Read the story of the Spanish workers here

Geldrop has even more textile factories

The firm A. Pessers Azn. was one of the many textile factories in Geldrop. Larger companies arose in the period between 1850 and 1865. These factories had steam-powered machines, each employing almost 100 people. Over the years they came into the hands of varying owners and combinations thereof, and they also changed names regularly. Besides wool processing, the manufacturing of linen and cotton fabrics played an important role.

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